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These 3 Apps Will Improve Your Life

Let these smartphone apps help you improve the way you work.

Let these smartphone apps help you improve the way you work.

Your smartphone is a helpful tool to help you stay organized, get focused and improve your mindset. While it may be a bold claim to say that these four apps will improve your life, they will certainly improve the way you work every day.

When you need to focus…
30/30 by Binary Hammer (free, for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) helps you focus for 30 minute intervals. Set up the tasks that you want to accomplish and start the timer. The app will tell you when time is up. Instead of being distracted by bells and whistles, the 30/30 app keeps it simple, only displaying what you’re supposed to be working on and how much time you have left. It’s like a kitchen timer, but a lot cooler.

If your memory is more “sieve” than “steel trap”…
Due by Phocus LLP ($4.99, for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) allows you to set up a task and reminder within seconds. And, if you do activities regularly—like walk the dog or pick up milk—you can save your reminders and reuse them whenever you need them. Earn badges every time you complete a task for an added incentive. Plus, it’s so well designed that you won’t want to forget a task again.

To regain your sanity after a hectic day…
Calm by Calm.com (free, for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) will encourage you to take a moment or more to meditate whenever you need a break from your busy day. The app features guided meditations to help you feel more creative and energetic, get focused, etc. If you really enjoy meditation, the app offers Pro Access for more guided meditations.

Stay on track…
Referral Maker™ CRM app (free, for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android) allows you to keep your database in your pocket. Additionally, you’ll always know what to do, who to contact and what to say. It’s the perfect complement to your Referral Maker real estate CRM software.
What are your go-to apps?

Go Paperless with these Great Apps

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4 Apps for Better Organization

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Financial Apps for Small Business

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Real estate agents, like other independent contractors, are a liberated group of people—liberated from the 9-5 grind, liberated from a stringent schedule and also liberated from a steady paycheck. While your paydays may be larger than those of the average cubicle dweller, they’re also much less regular. Although you may have transactions in the pipeline, you may not be sure when that money will make an appearance in your bank account. And unfortunately, most bill collectors don’t operate on a pay-when-you-can schedule, which makes tracking your expenses an important habit to get into. Luckily, these apps take the guesswork (and headache) out of expense tracking. Continue reading