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5 Keys to Social Media in 2015

Social media--are you doing it right this year?

Social media–are you doing it right this year?

If you’re like many real estate professionals, you use social media to communicate with your clients and market your listings and yourself. It’s another way to brand your business, show your clients that you care and reinforce your role as a local real estate expert. Here are a few ways to use social media in 2015. Continue reading

Master Pinterest in 5 Steps

Pinterest is a great tool that can help you market your business and your listings.

Pinterest is a great tool that can help you market your business and your listings.

If you’re not using Pinterest to market your business or your listings, you’re missing out. Many real estate professionals are turning to this image-driven social media network to help them attract interest to their listings and drive traffic to their websites. Although Pinterest began as a place for women to find recipes and DIY craft ideas, its design-based format has caught the attention of business leaders in a variety of industries, including real estate. It provides a great platform to show your expertise while you highlight the best features of your listings. Digital marketing should only comprise 10% of your promotional resources (including your time); however, it is possible to make a big impact for your business by optimizing your use of Pinterest. Here are five ways to make Pinterest work for you. Continue reading

Why You Should Use Pinterest to Build Your Brand

Pinterest is a powerful visual platform that will help you build your brand.


If you’re like most agents, you use social media as a tool to market your business. Chances are, your social network of choice is Facebook. However, Pinterest is gaining ground with many real estate agents. Why? The image-based social network is the perfect medium for posting pictures and videos of listings as well as relevant information about the market, home design and tips about homeownership. Why should you start using Pinterest? Continue reading

How to Incorporate Pinterest into Your Marketing

Pinterest allows you to market yourself and your listings in a visually pleasing format.


Real estate agents have embraced social media as a way to market themselves and their listings. While the social networking site of choice is Facebook, many agents have started using Pinterest to market properties. Pinterest is more than DIY craft how-tos and children’s party planning ideas; the growing social media site is a great option to showcase stunning interior design and architectural features, and even post listings. Continue reading