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Why Consistency is Key, Especially at the End of the Year

Continuing to do your activities now will plant the seeds for your sales next year.

Continuing to do your activities now will plant the seeds for your sales next year.

One of the biggest traits that separate an agent from a professional is consistency. While agents typically call it a year as soon as the calendar strikes December 1st, professionals keep working. Although professionals may lighten their work load at this time of year, they still strive to maintain consistency in their daily life. Why is consistency so important?

Continue to build trust. Consistency builds trust. How? When you send your Marketing Flyers and eReports each month, like clockwork, your clients begin to expect them. They’ll look forward to hearing from you and receiving great information. This not only helps breed trust, it also strengthens your relationships with them.

Stay in habit. Habits are hard to create, but oh so easy to break. When you take an extended period of time away from your daily activities, it can be tough to get back in the habit of doing them again. Maintaining consistency helps you maintain your good habits.

Set the stage for next year’s referrals. Although you may not be closing as many deals at this time of year, you are sowing the seeds for next year’s business. By staying consistent and doing your daily lead generating activities now, you’re setting the stage for a great start of the new year.

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Reach Out and Touch Base with Your Best Clients

Call your clients today!

Call your clients today!

When is the best time to contact your clients? Anytime! After all, how will they remember to refer you to their family and friends if they never hear from you? Most buyers and sellers would like to stay in touch with their real estate agents; however, many real estate agents drop the ball as soon as the ink is dry on the transaction. “Oh, I don’t want to be a bother,” is one of the most common excuses. Think of it this way—you’re not being a bother if you’re providing your clients timely and practical information. Here are some tips to help you reach out. Continue reading

Work Hard Now to Make It Easier Later—A Business Inspirational Tip from Brian Buffini

Hard work pays off, especially if you use the compounding effect.

Hard work pays off, especially if you use the compounding effect.


Success takes hard work, and working by referral is no different. However, there is one thing that you can do to make the work easier as time moves on. In this clip from BuffiniTV, Brian Buffini explains how to use the compounding effect in your business to boost your chances of success. Continue reading

5 Reasons Get Face-to-Face with Your Clients

In order to build your relationships with your best clients, it's important to get face-to-face.

In order to build your relationships with your best clients, it’s important to get face-to-face.

Although technology makes it easier for us to get in touch with our clients, it’s also made the process much less personal. Sure, there are times when an email or text trumps a letter in terms of efficiency; however, if you want to build relationships, personal contact is essential. That means getting face-to-face and voice-to-voice with your clients and adding that personal touch. Here are five reasons to get personal with your clients. Continue reading

Prepare for Contact in 3, 2, 1…


A little preparation–and a pep talk beforehand–can help make calling your clients easier.

Great salespeople know that face-to-face/voice-to-voice contact is imperative to build and deepen relationships with clients. This is especially true for real estate professionals who work by referral. Relationships are the fuel that drives the referral –based business. However, for more introverted or shy agents, making this contact can be a nerve-racking experience. These agents can become consumed with anxiety in the seconds before they pick up the phone or ring the doorbell. If this sounds like you, here are some tips to help get you through it. Continue reading