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Give Your Branding a Boost

When you personalize your marketing flyers, you stay at the top of your clients' minds, so you're the first person they think of when they want to buy or sell.

When you personalize your marketing flyers, you stay at the top of your clients’ minds, so you’re the first person they think of when they want to buy or sell.

If you have a business, you have a brand. A brand is more than a great name and a logo. It’s your overall reputation among your clients and the greater community. When you work by referral, your brand’s identity is you and the stellar services you provide. It’s what your clients say about you when they refer you to their family and friends. Like a reputation, your brand precedes you when meeting with new clients or networking with people in the industry. Continue reading

Build Your Brand in 2014


Committing to your daily lead generating activities will help you to establish and build your brand.

Your favorite brands have one thing in common—they are committed to building and expanding their messaging every day through social media and customer service. What does this have to do with real estate and with you as a real estate professional? Everything! Whether you work independently or for a broker, you are a brand. Every time you send a personal note, make a phone call, help a seller market their home or update your status on Facebook, you are building your brand and expanding your reach. Every interaction you have with your clients and others in your network is an opportunity for you to build your brand. Although the concept of building a brand sounds huge—after all, many of your favorite companies have entire departments dedicated to it—it’s pretty simple. Continue reading

Cultivating a Heart for Significance

People who reach Significance are able to leave a legacy.

While you’re on the path to success, you may think that once you finally reach it, you’ll be happy. However, many successful people find that once they’ve achieved this goal, they’re compelled to leave a legacy of some sort. And why not, once a person has achieved success, it’s natural to want to do something of lasting significance. Continue reading

Change Your Thinking to Achieve Success

By networking, reading and attending workshops, you’ll begin to change your thinking.

You’ve adopted good habits, and are starting to see the results of your hard work. Before you can experience success, it’s time to check your thinking. How you think has an impact on your potential for success. If you fill your life with positive people and thoughts, you’ll find that positive things happen as well. Continue reading

The Habits of Success

Develop good habits and you’ll be on your way to reaching success.

Good habits have a lasting impact on your business; unfortunately, so do bad habits. Many of us think that we have good habits, and then we wonder why it feels like we’re barely treading water in the industry. It all boils down to your habits—are they conducive to your success or are they holding you back? Continue reading

Are You Following the Sequence of Success?

If you follow the sequence of success, you’ll grow from a caterpillar into a butterfly in your life and career.

All of us aspire to have success; however, many of us aren’t sure how to achieve it. Or, we want success and we want it now, without putting in the time and work required to achieve true success. Lasting success takes sacrifice, struggle, time and a lot of work. Think of the path to success as a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Continue reading

You Missed Your Goal: Now What?

Falling short of a goal doesn’t mean that you won’t find success; instead, it gives you an opportunity to start again smarter.

It happens to all of us at one time or another—we’ve fallen short of a goal we set for our businesses. Although reaching our goals may foster feelings of success and accomplishment, we shouldn’t forget that failing to reach them carries a valuable lesson as well. As Henry Ford said, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” And that is exactly what we should do; begin again. Continue reading

7 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Adapt these habits and you’ll be on the path to success.

Many people would love to know the financial secrets of successful entrepreneurs. After all, they have what many of us seek—a thriving business, nice things and the respect of others. It’s easy to forget that this success was the result of years of hard work and sacrifice. While not every business owner will become the next Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, there are a few good habits that you can adopt now that will put you on the path to success. Continue reading

How to Build Your Personal Brand

Our agents who personalize their Marketing Flyers earn 15% more than those who do not.

Give. Ask. Receive. These three simple words are central to working by referral. In short, you give of yourself and provide your clients with excellent service. Then, you ask for a referral and, more often than not, receive one to your clients’ families and friends.

When people refer you to their family and friends, they’re really referring your brand, including the excellent service you provide, your character and your knowledge of the local real estate market and national housing trends. Therefore, building your personal brand is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Continue reading

Why Do Your Clients Refer You?

Completing your daily activities will help to make you a star in the eyes of your clients, and make them more likely to refer you.

Your clients will refer you because they trust you—you’ve proven your competence and your character. However, trust alone is not enough. If you want referrals you have to ask for them and put yourself out there. Here are four common traps that professionals fall into and how to avoid them. Continue reading