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3 Benefits of Working with Professionals in Your Network

Over your career as a real estate professional, you’ve no doubt encountered some great lenders, home inspectors, real estate attorneys, etc. who know their stuff and offer their clients a high level of service. Why not refer them to your clients? Since most buyers and sellers are not involved in the real estate industry, they may not know what to look for and look out for; connecting them with a professional that you know and trust is not only good service, it also helps to ensure that the buying or selling process will be smoother for all parties involved. Continue reading

How to Network More Effectively

Networking is an essential skill for a real estate professional.

Real estate is a social profession, and as an agent you come into contact with a variety of people every day. Your profession puts you in the position of being the hub of your social network—the person that your clients rely on to connect them with a good landscaper, roofer or even babysitter. However, to connect people more effectively, it’s important to get to know each of the people in your database on a level beyond just their name and office phone number. Continue reading

7 Tips to Help You Find Your Motivation

When you have found your “why” you’re able to boost your motivation to thrive.

How motivated do you feel today?

a. I’m pumped, and feeling excited to complete my daily lead generating activities today!
b. I’m plugging away, making some calls and writing a note or two. 
c. I’m not feeling it, and haven’t done my daily lead generating activities days/weeks.

We all have days when it feels as if our motivation has gone; however, if you answered b or c, it’s time to reconnect with your “Why”—your reasons for doing your lead generating activities consistently every day. Here are seven ways to reignite your motivation and reconnect with your purpose. Continue reading