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3 Tips for Millennial Real Estate Agents

Millennials may lack experience, but they do have the energy to succeed.

Millennials may lack experience, but they do have the energy to succeed.

If you’re a millennial real estate agent just starting out in the business, the first years can be a tough learning experience. Since you just started in the business, you may not have sold many homes yet, and you’re in the process of building a strong client base. You may also lack the skills and expertise that come through years of experience in the industry. However, what you lack in experience you may more than make up for in energy. In order to succeed, you must use this energy to help you launch a thriving business. Here are a few tips: Continue reading

3 Tips for Working with Millennial Buyers

Do you have millennial clients? Here are some tips to help you work with them.

Do you have millennial clients? Here are some tips to help you work with them.

After a tumultuous few years, many millennials are thinking of buying homes of their own. This generation is different from previous ones, as they are more tech-savvy and informed about the market. Here are three tips to help you guide them through the home buying process. Continue reading

Make Calls Easier in 5 Steps

Use these tips to help you call your clients.

Use these tips to help you call your clients.

Whether you’re new to real estate or you’ve been in the business for years, you probably have days where you feel nervous to call your database. Let’s face it; many of us don’t talk on the phone much anymore, relying instead on texting or email to convey a message to clients, friends and acquaintances. Think of it this way—you’ll set yourself apart from your competition by making voice contact with your best clients. Here’s how to get motivated to call when you’re too anxious to pick up the phone. Continue reading

3 Benefits of Building Relationships with Businesses in Your Network

Connect with businesses in your network today!

Connect with businesses in your network today!

Did you know that the businesses in your network can be excellent sources of referrals? You may refer your clients to some of the businesses in your database during the course of the transaction, as well as after it has closed. You are the key connection between your clients and the businesses that you work with. And, chances are, your clients rely on you to be their trusted advisor, the person they turn to when they are looking for a reputable tradesperson or professional to perform a service on their house. Conversely, businesses are always looking for new customers. Take the opportunity to connect your clients with the businesses in your network, and enjoy the following benefits: Continue reading

14 Tips to Network Like a Pro

Use these tips to help you network more effectively.

Use these tips to help you network more effectively.

Networking is essential to do in order to thrive in real estate—or any business, for that matter. However, for many agents, the process of networking can strike fear into the heart of even the biggest introvert. We all experience moments of anxiety leading up to a networking event. We may think, “What if I don’t know anyone there?” “What if I don’t connect with anyone?” “I wonder if they’ll notice the pimple that erupted on my forehead from all of this worry and concern about other people’s thoughts of me.” It’s normal to be nervous before a networking event. Here are some tips to alleviate your anxiety so that you can meet some great people. Continue reading

Why You Should Take a Buyer to Lunch Today

After you show your buyers a home, take them to lunch to find out more about their thoughts and what they want.

After you show your buyers a home, take them to lunch to find out more about their thoughts and what they want.

What do you do after showing a home to a buyer?

a. Tell them you’ll be in touch, and then get in your car and leave.
b. Ask them to go out for lunch to talk about the property.

Although most agents and brokers choose the first option, the Pros know that option B is the way to go. Why? Breaking bread with your clients is a great way to learn more about their search for a home. It gives your client a chance to talk about the property and ask you questions, as well as gives you the chance to exhibit your professional expertise. The added bonus: It allows you to deepen your relationship with your client so that you can better serve them. Think of it as an “unexpected extra” that may turn your buyers into loyal advocates of your business.

3 Benefits of Lunching with Your Buyer

1. Learn what they think about the property. After viewing a home, many buyers are eager to discuss the property with their spouses on the way home. Scheduling lunch afterwards gives you the opportunity to be privy to this conversation. You can find out what they loved about the home, what they hated, what stuck out, what they wish the home would have had. You can also find out if they want to make an offer on the home, and if not, delve into why not. This also gives you the opportunity to offer reassurance and explain the process.

2. Dig into what they want in a home. Although most buyers have an idea of their preferences in a home, their list often changes once they get out and visit properties. After they’ve told you what they liked and didn’t like in a property, ask them if they’ve revised their list of must haves and deal breakers. If they have, be sure to update their preferences in Referral Maker™ real estate CRM.

3. Help them narrow the field of options. Choosing a home to buy is a big decision. Your clients want your expertise to help them make that decision. Over lunch you can help them outline the pros and cons of a property so that they can make an educated decision.

Use Referral Maker CRM to help you plan and prepare for your client lunches, send your real estate marketing items, add events to your calendar and even match your buyers with your listings. Visit Referral Maker to learn more and to start your 30-day free trial.


5 Places to Find New Clients

While you’re watching your children’s game, chat with the other parents on the sidelines.

Did you know that many prospective advocates of your business may be right under your nose? Often real estate agents aren’t sure who to add to their databases, especially when they’re just starting out. They’ve added their family, friends and neighbors, but they may get stuck thinking of other people to add. If this sounds like you, it may help to think beyond your immediate circle and to the various activities you participate in and the places you go regularly. Since you’ve established a relationship with these folks, it’ll be easier to ask them if they already have an agent, and if not, if you could be their go-to real estate professional. Continue reading

3 Easy Ways to Commit to a System

In order to commit to a system, you have to make it a habit.

If you want to succeed in real estate, it’s essential to commit to a system. In a referral-based business, the system you commit to should be relationship-based as well. Brian Buffini’s Work by Referral System is a simple and effective marketing system that caters to the relationships you build with your clients. And although we give you the tools you need to succeed—including the marketing materials, dialogues, access to Referral Maker™ real estate CRM software, etc.—it’s up to you to do the proactive lead generating activities that are important to your business’s success, and that takes commitment. So, how can you commit to a system? Continue reading

5 People You Need to Introduce to Sellers

A reputable contractor can get your seller’s home ready for its market debut.

Did you know that working with sellers gives you a great opportunity to show off your character and competence? It’s true. Not only are you able to use your skills as a real estate professional, you can also connect your sellers with reputable professionals in your network. Before many sellers put their homes on the market, they undertake home improvement projects to boost their home’s value and make it more attractive to prospective buyers. Who can you connect your sellers with? Here are a few suggestions: Continue reading

5 Habits to Adopt This Year

It’s the middle of January. You’ve established your SMART goals and have a plan to turn those goals into a reality. You’re feeling motivated and ready to dominate the industry—well, at least your local market. Take advantage of your extra boost of motivation to adopt these five habits that are sure to help you reach your goals. Continue reading