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How to Build Your Vibrant Database

Build database

A vibrant database is essential to a thriving business. How to you build a vibrant database? It’s simple: by growing and nurturing your relationships through consistent communication. That is, you have to make sure you mail your marketing items each month, call your clients to check in, write personal notes and deliver Pop-Bys to your top clients. Continue reading

Use the Mayor Campaign to Generate More Leads—A Business Inspirational Tip from Brian Buffini

Qualify your clients with the Mayor Campaigns.

Qualify your clients with the Mayor Campaigns.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a dialogue you could use to qualify your clients and generate leads? In this clip from the real estate event, Brian Buffini’s Success Tour, Brian explains the Mayor Campaign dialogue and how to use it to get more leads. Continue reading

Who Are Your Top Referrers?

When you know who your top referrers are, you’re better able to appreciate those people who help your business thrive.

When you Work by Referral, the clients who have sent you multiple referrals are the biggest advocates of your business. Since these Top Referrers help your business grow and thrive, it’s important to thank them for their referrals. Do you know who your biggest advocates are? Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software will help you find out. Continue reading

Why Do Your Clients Refer You?

Completing your daily activities will help to make you a star in the eyes of your clients, and make them more likely to refer you.

Your clients will refer you because they trust you—you’ve proven your competence and your character. However, trust alone is not enough. If you want referrals you have to ask for them and put yourself out there. Here are four common traps that professionals fall into and how to avoid them. Continue reading

Want Referrals? Just Ask.

Joe Niego developed the Mayor Campaign Dialogue to help agents ask their clients for referrals.

Joe Niego developed the Mayor Campaign Dialogue to help agents ask their clients for referrals.

Yes, it’s that easy. You may think, “Oh, of course my brother/neighbor/favorite hostess will choose me as their agent. They know I’m a great one!” Or maybe you’re more reserved and are thinking, “I don’t want to seem pushy by asking them if I’m their go-to agent; if they need to list their home or are in the market to buy, they have my number.” Continue reading