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3 Ways to Build Your Relationships

Build strong, lasting relationships with your database to ensure high quality leads.

So, you want to enjoy a stream of reliable leads without having to spend all of your time and money on promotional advertising that may not produce the results you want? Then, work by referral. Working by referral allows you to generate leads by providing excellent service to your best clients. You’re able to increase you leads through the relationships you build with your database. When you rely on referrals for the majority of your leads, it’s essential to build strong, lasting relationships. Here are a few tips. Continue reading

3 Opportunities to Ask for a Referral

Before you hand over those keys, be sure to ask for a referral.

Give. Ask. Receive. We advocate this three-pronged approach to our real estate agents who work by referral. While our agents have no problem giving—or serving their clients to the best of their abilities—or receiving referrals from their clients, many may find it difficult to ask for referrals. Continue reading