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4 Ways to Create Your Own Inventory

Live in an area with tight inventory? Create your own!

Live in an area with tight inventory? Create your own!

Although the real estate market is recovering in most areas, inventory is still tight. Potential sellers may be on the fence about listing their homes—maybe they owe more than it’s worth or they’re not sure if they’re ready to move just yet. This may leave many potential buyers frustrated by the lack of homes that meet their criteria. However, there are ways to create your own inventory for your buyers. Continue reading

3 Ways to Connect with Dormant Sellers

Find your dormant sellers and encourage them to list.

Home inventory is tight in many parts of North America. While many buyers are eager to find and purchase a home of their own, many sellers are reluctant to list their homes. For many homeowners, the decision to sell is deeply personal. Most don’t want to sell their home; after all, they’ve put so much of themselves into it, they may feel that they’ll never get what it’s worth to them.

However, people want to move. Families grow, the kids leave the nest to start their own households, and employment opportunities open up in the next state or across the country and a myriad of other life changes occur. As a result, people put their homes on the market to sell so that they can find a home that better fits their needs. Your challenge is to find these sellers and encourage them to list their homes. Here are three ways to do it. Continue reading

5 Ways to Help Buyers Find a Home in Low Inventory Areas

Help your buyers find a home in a low inventory market.


According to NAR, more than half of buyers said that the hardest part of the home buying process was finding the right home to purchase. Imagine how hard it is to find the right home in an area with low inventory? That’s what many buyers are facing now.

In many areas, buyers are eager to purchase a home. Perhaps they’re sick of renting or they’ve expanded their families and are itching to get out and find a great place to call home. However, if they live in an area with low inventory, they may become frustrated waiting for a home that meets their needs to pop up on the MLS. How can you help these buyers? Here are a few tips: Continue reading