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6 Ways to Provide Value to Your Clients

A personal note is a great way to connect with and provide value for your clients.

As a real estate professional who works by referral, it’s vital to provide value for your clients, even when you’re not currently working with them. One of the best ways to provide value and stay top of mind is to keep in touch with your clients through phone, mail, email and in-person communication–such as through the real estate marketing materials offered through Referral Maker Pro. After all, frequent communication is the best way to deepen your relationships and generate leads. Here are some ideas. Continue reading

Maximize the Impact of Your Monthly Marketing Kit

The Monthly Marketing Kit provides plenty of opportunities to connect with your clients.

If you’re a Buffini & Company Member, every month a box of opportunity arrives in your mailbox. The Lead Generation Kit includes the month’s marketing flyer, personal notes, “Oh, by the way…” stickers and monthly conference call CD. Each of these elements provides you with an opportunity to serve your clients better and deepen your most important relationships. Continue reading

3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Brian Buffini’s Monthly Webcast

Whether you watch the Webcast live or your listen to it later on, Brian Buffini offers plenty of great tips to help you succeed.

Each month, Brian Buffini hosts a monthly webcast that is intended to educate, motivate and inspire our Buffini & Company Members. Personal development and professional advice are part of every webcast—our Members learn ways to improve their businesses, boost their productivity and live better lives. Everyone in business can find valuable information in each call and can connect with a point or two (or three). We include a CD of the audio of the webcast each month in the Lead Generation Kit for our Referral Makers to listen to again. Here are some tips to help get the most out of each webcast. Continue reading