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4 Ways to Create Your Own Inventory

Live in an area with tight inventory? Create your own!

Live in an area with tight inventory? Create your own!

Although the real estate market is recovering in most areas, inventory is still tight. Potential sellers may be on the fence about listing their homes—maybe they owe more than it’s worth or they’re not sure if they’re ready to move just yet. This may leave many potential buyers frustrated by the lack of homes that meet their criteria. However, there are ways to create your own inventory for your buyers. Continue reading

What Housing Shortage? Generate Your Own Listings!

In this housing shortage, you have to create your own inventory.

Have you heard? Many housing markets in the United States and parts of Canada are in the midst of a housing shortage right now. Although low mortgage rates and affordable home prices have lured more buyers—including boomerang buyers with improved credit—into the housing market, many of them are faced with increased competition for fewer homes. Continue reading