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Are You Earning Like a Pro?

earn like a pro

Although working for yourself gives you freedom, it also “frees” you from the security of a steady paycheck. As a real estate professional, your income relies on how often you close a transaction. Some months may have a record number of closings while other months have one or two. Many transactions go smoothly; however, when there’s a hiccup, it often delays the closing, and subsequently, your commission. While your income may not be predictable, it is possible to achieve your financial dreams if you earn like a pro. Here’s how: Continue reading

Earn Like a Pro

Keeping track of your finances will help you to achieve your financial goals.

If you’re like many agents, you got into real estate because you liked the idea of being your own boss. You’re free of the 9 to 5 grind that afflicts the rest of the working population. You’re an independent contractor—independent of a boss, but also independent of a predictable income. While you may not be able to rely on a steady paycheck, it is possible to achieve your financial dreams—you just have to earn like a pro. Continue reading