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How to Be More Effective in the Coming Year

Businessman checking the time in office


Is one of you goals to become even more successful in 2018? Now is when many agents and brokers begin to think about what they’d like to achieve in the coming year. Whether or not you’ll succeed in achieving those goals depends on the habits you’ve developed over your career. Your habits do more than help you succeed; they also decide how effective and efficient you are as an agent. If you want to improve, look at your habits first. Continue reading

Your To-Do List: Plan to Succeed

A good to-do list will boost your productivity and help you accomplish more in your day.


If you’re like many agents, you create a to-do list every day, or nearly every day. You may secretly pat yourself on the back with each item you cross off. However, if it seems as though your list is getting longer and you’re crossing off fewer things, it’s time make your list work for you. Here are three ways to get control of your to-do list. Continue reading

Become an E2 Agent in 10 Steps

Improve your efficiency and effectiveness and you’ll distinguish yourself from your competition.

You probably know an E2 agent, the kind of real estate agent who does the right things and does them well. They’re the models of productivity and their success leaves people wondering, “How does he/she do it?” Perhaps you aspire to become an E2 agent. Continue reading