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5 Lessons We Learned from Diana Nyad at Brian Buffini’s Success Tour-Philadelphia

We learned a lot from Diana Nyad at BBST Philadelphia

We learned a lot from Diana Nyad at BBST Philadelphia

On August 31, 2013, Diana Nyad made history when she swam the 110 mile distance between Cuba and Key West, Florida. It was her fifth attempt at the impressive feat—one that was more than 30 years in the making. While most 60-somethings are making their retirement plans, Diana was training to achieve a goal she set as a young swimmer. Despite several failures, she never gave up.

Diana shared her story with the audience at the Philadelphia stop of Brian Buffini’s Success Tour.  We were certainly inspired. Here are five lessons we took away from her inspirational message. Continue reading

5 Reasons to Attend Brian Buffini’s Success Tour in 2015


Mark your calendars! Brian Buffini’s Success Tour will be stopping in a city near you in 2015 and you won’t want to miss out on any of this all-new content. The second year of this high-energy real estate event proves to be even better than the first, with an all-star lineup of leading business experts who are sure to ignite your passion to thrive in the industry. Here are five reasons to attend Brian Buffini’s Success Tour this year. Continue reading