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5 Ways to Help Your Sellers Stage Their Homes

Mowing the lawn is an easy way to spruce up the property.

Mowing the lawn is an easy way to spruce up the property.

The majority of buyers start their home searches on the Internet. Once they see a home with potential, they may drive by it to see if the outside lives up to the pictures in the listing. If the home still stokes their interest, they’ll often contact their real estate professional for a showing. Since most buyers form an opinion of a home within the first ten seconds of seeing it, agents encourage their sellers to stage their homes. While there’s an emphasis on staging the inside of the home, it’s also important to stage the outside as well. After all, if the outside looks like a hot mess, many buyers will give the home a swerve, even if the interior is staged to the nines. Continue reading

3 Ways to Provide Great Service

When you provide your clients with great service, they become loyal advocates of your business.

When you provide your clients with great service, they become loyal advocates of your business.

Customer service can make or break your business, especially when you work by referral. People are more likely to refer their family and friends to businesses that offer great customer service. After all, they want their loved ones to have the same great experience that they had. Excellent service leaves a lasting impression, and when you provide your clients with great service, it becomes part of your brand. Improve the service you provide by following these tips: Continue reading

5 Clever Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Next Email

You don’t need fancy equipment to add video to your emails. Use the camera in your laptop to film your message.

Do you want a unique way to connect with your clients? Add video to your next email. Videos are becoming a popular addition to email marketing campaigns. A brief, one to two minute video can help you exhibit your character and competence while delivering a personal message to your best clients. Including a video in your email will help you to pierce the defenses of your clients and magnify your message. Out of curiosity they’ll watch the video and once you’ve grabbed their attention, you’ll remain at the top of their mind. Continue reading

5 People You Need to Introduce to Sellers

A reputable contractor can get your seller’s home ready for its market debut.

Did you know that working with sellers gives you a great opportunity to show off your character and competence? It’s true. Not only are you able to use your skills as a real estate professional, you can also connect your sellers with reputable professionals in your network. Before many sellers put their homes on the market, they undertake home improvement projects to boost their home’s value and make it more attractive to prospective buyers. Who can you connect your sellers with? Here are a few suggestions: Continue reading

Get Festive with These Winter Pop-By Ideas


The holidays are upon us, making this the perfect time of year to show your clients that you appreciate them and their referrals. What better way to express your gratitude than with a Pop-By gift, delivered to their home or office, to let them know that they mean a lot to your business? Continue reading

5 Ways to Give Excellent Customer Service

Great customer service doesn’t end when the transaction does. Finding a way to help is a great way to offer customer service to your clients.

Why do your clients refer you? If you’re a Buffini & Company Member, the excellent service you provide to your clients may play a role. Excellent customer service only takes a minute to give, but the results create a lasting impact and often result in referrals. Continue reading

3 Benefits of Excellent Client Service

Excellent customer service builds trust with your clients, which is essential for referrals.


Think about the last time you received excellent service: What made it so great? Did you feel as if the other person heard you when you asked a question or explained a problem? Did the person go the extra mile to help you? A good customer service experience will make you want to go back to that business, and will even prompt you to refer it to your friends. Continue reading

Why You Need to Know Your Local Market Information

Knowing your local market will help you better serve your clients and help them navigate through a real estate transaction.


Every day we’re bombarded with news about the state of the national real estate market. One day the market is recovering, the next day we’re headed toward another meltdown. It can be difficult to keep track of all of the conflicting reports! Continue reading

Improve the Open Rate of Your Monthly eReport

Your clients love to get emails from you. Follow these tips to get the most out of your monthly eReport.

Every month we tell Referral Makers™ to email their clients the monthly eReport, a professionally written and designed email intended to keep the agents on the minds of their clients. Email marketing has become a popular way for real estate professionals to keep in touch with their clients: 92% of Realtors say that email is their preferred method of communication with current, past and potential clients.1 And they’re not the only ones; in fact, more than 70% of marketers use email marketing as a way to engage with their clients.2 Continue reading