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3 Ways to Get Face-to-Face with Your Top Clients

Meet up with your clients and tell them about your local market

Meet up with your clients and tell them about your local market

Although technology may have a place in a successful real estate business, there’s no doubt that face-to-face and voice-to-voice contact is more effective, especially when you’re trying to build relationships with your clients. While “liking” or commenting on a post are ways to communicate, they don’t have the impact that a phone call, a surprise visit or a lunch or client party have. Getting one-on-one time with your clients may seem old-fashioned; however, it’s an important way to enhance your relationships with your clients, find ways to serve them and ask for referrals. Here are three ways to get face time with your clients. Continue reading

5 Places to Find New Clients

While you’re watching your children’s game, chat with the other parents on the sidelines.

Did you know that many prospective advocates of your business may be right under your nose? Often real estate agents aren’t sure who to add to their databases, especially when they’re just starting out. They’ve added their family, friends and neighbors, but they may get stuck thinking of other people to add. If this sounds like you, it may help to think beyond your immediate circle and to the various activities you participate in and the places you go regularly. Since you’ve established a relationship with these folks, it’ll be easier to ask them if they already have an agent, and if not, if you could be their go-to real estate professional. Continue reading

How to Network More Effectively

Networking is an essential skill for a real estate professional.

Real estate is a social profession, and as an agent you come into contact with a variety of people every day. Your profession puts you in the position of being the hub of your social network—the person that your clients rely on to connect them with a good landscaper, roofer or even babysitter. However, to connect people more effectively, it’s important to get to know each of the people in your database on a level beyond just their name and office phone number. Continue reading

Maximize the Impact of Your Monthly Marketing Kit

The Monthly Marketing Kit provides plenty of opportunities to connect with your clients.

If you’re a Buffini & Company Member, every month a box of opportunity arrives in your mailbox. The Lead Generation Kit includes the month’s marketing flyer, personal notes, “Oh, by the way…” stickers and monthly conference call CD. Each of these elements provides you with an opportunity to serve your clients better and deepen your most important relationships. Continue reading

5 Ways to Build Relationships with Your Clients

Follow these 5 steps and you’ll turn your clients into reliable advocates of your business.

Your best clients have the ability to become the biggest advocates for your business. Think of them as walking, talking billboards for the excellent service you provide. We’ve given you the T.I.M.E. formula to help you identify your best clients; now here are five tips to help you build lasting relationships with them. Continue reading