Streamline Your Day to Get More Done

There are a ton of apps available to help you streamline your day, including the Referral Maker CRM app.

There are a ton of apps available to help you streamline your day, including the Referral Maker CRM app.

Would you like to get more done every day? The most productive real estate agents and brokers have mastered the ability to streamline their days so that they can focus on getting the tasks done that drive their businesses. Follow their example and get more done today with these five streamlining tips.

Have a system. A system is vital to your success in real estate or any business for that matter. Systems, such as Brian Buffini’s Work by Referral System, give you the tools you need to thrive in the industry, including proven dialogues, marketing materials, etc. Systems keep you accountable to your goals and make you more efficient.

Prioritize. Many of us become overwhelmed by our to-do lists each day. Take charge of your time by prioritizing your day. Put the must-do tasks at the top of the list and don’t start on the rest until those are complete. This ensures that you spend your focus and energy on the activities that have the most impact on your business.

Consistently clear the clutter. Set aside time during the week to clean up, file papers and file emails in your Inbox. Staying on top of this seemingly small task will ensure that everything is in its place, leaving you to be more productive.

Adopt good habits. Your habits can make or break your business. They’re the unconscious things that we do each day, from brushing our teeth to noshing on candy at 3pm every day. They also include calling your clients each day to check in, sending marketing materials consistently each month and updating social media. Make sure your time is well spent by adopting habits sure to keep you on-track to success.

Rely on technology. There are tons of apps available to help you stay organized, track your time and activities and much more. One program is Referral Maker® real estate CRM, which was designed to help real estate agents make it easy and fun to work by referral. Referral Maker helps you to stay in touch with your clients and complete your daily activities so that you can thrive.

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