Stop Procrastinating with This One Simple Tip

Follow these tips to stop procrastinating, and start getting things done.

Follow these tips to stop procrastinating, and start getting things done.


Procrastination rears its head at the most inconvenient times, like when you need to get something done, whether it’s lead generation, sending invitations to your upcoming client party or preparing for a listing presentation. We’re all guilty of procrastinating, and we do it for a variety of reasons. We avoid doing something because we’re anxious or overwhelmed or just don’t feel like doing it right now. While procrastinating may make us feel better for a minute, putting off ‘til tomorrow not only temporarily avoids the inevitable, it also impairs your productivity as well.

To fight procrastination, ask yourself this one question:

Why are you procrastinating?
Get to the heart of why you’re putting something off. Are you avoiding a phone call to a client because the last conversation you had with them ended on the wrong note? Are you putting off preparing for your next listing presentation because you’re overwhelmed by other tasks? Are you putting off your daily lead generating activities because it’s a beautiful day outside and you’d rather be out there instead of inside calling clients? Once you understand why you’re procrastinating, you can find ways to deal with it.

Start somewhere
It doesn’t matter where you start as long as you start somewhere. If you’re avoiding a phone call to a client, call someone you enjoy speaking with first. This will put you in a better mood and give you the motivation you need to make the call you’ve been putting off.

If you’re putting off preparing for a client appointment because you’re overwhelmed by all you have to do, it may be time to hire an assistant. An assistant can take care of the smaller, more time consuming tasks so that you can focus on the activities that drive your business.

If your focus—and the good weather— is diverting you away from your lead generating activities, give in and get outside. If you’ve downloaded the Referral Maker™ App onto your smartphone, you have access to your entire database, and can make your calls and deliver your Pop-Bys from anywhere.

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