Stick to Your Resolutions with these 3 Apps

Achieve your goals with the help of these apps.


You’ve written your measurable goals for 2014, and you’ve created your plan of attack to achieving them. Perhaps you want to double your sales next year, run a marathon or finally take that three-week European vacation. Whatever your goals, these apps will help you achieve them by holding you accountable every day.

Everest (Free. For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
Turn your big goals into manageable steps and make accomplishing them a social adventure. Set your goal and create your plan of attack to achieve it. The app sets reminders and allows you to track your progress, which you can share with your friends. What’s unique about this app is that your friends and followers can leave you encouraging words, offer tips and help you achieve your goal. If you get stuck on your path to conquering your “Everest,” just ask your suggestions from the community. You can also see others who are pursuing similar goals, and get inspiration from the steps they created to achieve them. The app also allows you to see how many people you’ve inspired during the week, which is great motivation to keep going. If you want to keep your goals private, that’s fine, too. The app is a beautifully designed way to achieve your dreams.

Lift (Free. For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
Lift also allows you to turn big lofty goals into smaller manageable steps. Set your goals, track your progress and get props from friends and followers. The app features Lift Plans, a growing selection of instructions that revolve around a goal. If you want to learn to Salsa dance or get control of your email, Lift has a plan for that. Choose a plan to become more productive, improve your health or learn to be thankful.

Beeminder (Free. For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android)
Beeminder holds you accountable to your goals by putting your money on the line. You pledge a set amount of money to work out more, become more productive, eat better, etc. and get started doing it. Beeminder will track your progress and force you to pay up if you fall off course. The app works with Fitbit and RescueTime to give you a more accurate picture of your progress.

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