Stay on Track for Your Best Year Ever

Writing in and reviewing your journal is a great way to stay on track.

Writing in and reviewing your journal is a great way to stay on track.

We’re halfway through the year—are you on track to reach the goals you set in January? This is the perfect time to review your progress so far this year. Hopefully, you’ve been tracking your activities with a CRM, such as Referral Maker® CRM. However, tracking is just the start. In order to reach your goals, it’s essential to check in several times throughout the year to review your successes, setbacks and prepare for any potential roadblocks.

Review your journal. If you’ve been keeping a journal, take some time to read previous entries throughout the first part of the year. Not only will this put you back in touch with your reasons for setting the goals you did, it’ll also help you gain perspective on your successes, failures and offer ideas and inspiration to help you move forward.

Network with high-achieving professionals. Meeting other successful and ambitious folks may motivate you to reach your goals. In addition to sharing connections, you can also share tips to help boost one another’s productivity, brain storm solutions to challenges and share your wins. If you’re a Member of Buffini & Company, participating in a Buffini Group will help you maximize your membership while meeting other great achievers. Learn more here.

Attend a real estate event. Events are a great way to learn the latest about the industry, reconnect with your goals and get a surge of motivation. Real estate events, such as Brian Buffini’s Success Tour are intended to help you gain knowledge, optimize your business practices, meet other ambitious agents and get inspired to put everything you learned into action. What better way to stay on track—or get back on track—than through the knowledge and motivation gained from a high-energy two day live event? Visit to learn more.

Review your goals. It’s easy to lose sight of our goals a few months into the year. While we may remember the generalities, we may have lost touch with the specifics. Reviewing your goals every month (at least) is sure to keep you on track. If you can, post your goals where you can see them as a daily reminder of what you want to accomplish. Referral Maker® real state CRM makes it easy and fun to reach your goals. Simply create a goal and set milestones to reach along the way. The milestones help you to stay on track while making it easier to reach the larger, overall goal. Visit to learn more and to start your 30-day free trial.

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