How to Stay Consistent, Especially at the End of the Year


For many agents, the beginning of December signals the end of the year. After all, many markets slow down toward the end of the year; it’s the perfect time to close up shop, right? Real estate professionals understand they need to continue to be consistent, regardless of the time of year. Since the holiday season is a great time to generate leads, these pros are out there meeting with their clients, thanking them for referrals and reminding them their never too busy for referrals. Although you may not be closing as many deals at this time of year, it’s still necessary to be consistent in your daily life and workload. Here’s how:

Build trust. Consistency builds trust. Each month when you send your Marketing Flyers and eReports, your clients begin to expect them. They’ll begin to look forward to hearing from you and when you reach out, you’ll continue to build trust and strengthen your relationships with them.

Keep it up…your habits, that is. Although habits are tough to create, they’re very easy to break. Taking time away from your regular daily activities makes it tough to get in the habit of doing them again. When you maintain consistency, you maintain good habits.

Sow the seeds for next year’s referrals. The time to generate leads for business in the New Year is now. With each connection you make with your clients, you’re sowing the seeds for tomorrow’s business. If want to have a full pipeline in the year ahead, the time to connect with your clients consistently is now.

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