Stay on Your Clients’ Minds This Spring



As the real estate market begins to heat up in many areas across the country, it’s time to get in touch with your clients and find ways to stay at the top of their minds. How? By consistently providing value. After all, you want them to think of you when they’re ready to buy or list their home. Provide value this spring with the following tips:

1. Send your Marketing Flyers and eReports on time. Marketing materials are a monthly reminder of your expertise and character. Send them each and every month, on time, to remind them you’re there to help them with all of their real estate needs.

2. Introduce clients to services in your network. Whether your clients are adding on to their home, thinking of redecorating or need some help with their landscaping, provide them with a list of great professionals who will provide great service and do the job well. Find out what they need when you chat with them on the phone and think of who you can connect them with in your network.

3. Offer tips through social media or video email. Social media allows you to connect with people in a format they can ‘like’ and share with their friends. Create videos or images with your best tips for first-time and repeat home buyers and sellers as well as current homeowners. Also, mention upcoming events in town to bring your clients together.

4. Give them a seasonally appropriate Pop-By. Show your clients you appreciate their business and referrals by delivering a small gift to their home or office. Suggestions include gardening and barbeque tools, flowers or plant starts, sunscreen, etc.

5. Listen for ways to serve. Every time you pick up the phone to speak with a client, send an email or meet with them face-to-face, listen for ways you can serve your clients and meet a need. If they mention they’ve adopted a new hobby, drop off a book about it. If they mention they’re planning a family road trip, drop a cooler by their house they can use for beverages and snacks. By doing these unexpected extras, you’re building relationships with your clients.

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