Small Habits That Have a Big Impact on Your Productivity

A small sign letting people know that you're working hard is sometimes enough to keep distractions at bay.

A small sign letting people know that you’re working hard is sometimes enough to keep distractions at bay.

Successful real estate professionals are productive each and every day. They weren’t born more productive than anyone else; they’ve developed the good habits required to make every day the most productive. Here are five seemingly small habits that can help you become more productive, starting today.
Prioritize your day.  A little bit of planning at night allows you to dive into your day as soon as you wake up. Prioritize your schedule for the day, plan your outfit, your lunch, set out your favorite coffee mug and put the coffee grounds in the coffee maker. The less you have to think about the mundane details, the more time you’ll have to focus on what matters.

Review your goals. Reading your goals on a daily basis will not only refresh your memory about what you’re working towards, it’ll also serve as motivation to make today your most productive.

Get outside. Whether you get out of your office for lunch or to take a midmorning or midafternoon stroll around the block, a break from work can help you to clear your head. The change of scenery gives your brain the time it needs to refocus so that you can come back to your desk refreshed and energized to tackle the next challenge.

Make your space a distraction-free zone. Distractions are everywhere, whether you work in an office or at home. Put up a “do not distrurb” sign and use an app that blocks you from checking Facebook every five minutes, whatever you need to do to focus on work and not on what’s going on around you.

Write it down. Keeping a journal to document your day helps you to keep track of your progress toward your goals, helps you note what is working and what isn’t in your business and will give perspective when you need it the most.

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