Save It For Later: 5 Free Apps to Help You Organize Your Articles

Read articles from your favorite publications when you get time with these free apps.

Read articles from your favorite publications when you get time with these free apps.

If you’re like most busy professionals, you wish you had more time to read articles from your favorite newspapers and magazines, but may not have time during the day to sit down and do so. These apps make it easy to save the articles from your favorite publications to read when you have time. And, the best part is that they’re all free.

Pocket gives you access to your saved articles and content, even when you’re not online. When you see an article that you want to read later, save it to Pocket to look at later. Unlike some of the other articles, it doesn’t offer suggested articles to read; you’ll read exactly what you saved.

Flipboard is designed to be the magazine that you’d create if given the chance. Just select the publications you enjoy and you’ll be able “flip” through their articles with the swipe of your thumb. The app allows you to save articles and subscribe to a growing list of publications.

Instapaper was one of the first reading apps that allowed you to save articles, videos, etc. to enjoy later. Well-designed and easy to use, Instapaper helps you manage your content and save your favorite stuff.

Pulse is similar to Flipboard, allowing you to subscribe to a variety of news outlets in a wide range of categories. Instead of flipping through the app article by article, you can scroll through rows of articles and select the ones you’d like to read.

Zite is a photo-driven reading app that selects articles to read based on the topics and news outlets you choose. Over time the app is able to suggest articles to you based on your reading preferences, as well as suggestions from your social media accounts.

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