Refresh Your Database


When’s the last time you updated your database? Chances are, the last time you sorted and qualified your database was when you uploaded it to Referral Maker CRM. As your relationships with your clients grow and change, you may want to update how you’ve sorted them in your CRM. After all, a C client who’s sent you multiple referrals in the last year is no longer a C client; they’re an A or an A+ client. The autumn is the perfect time to scroll through Referral Maker and evaluate your clients so you can offer your clients the highest level of service.

1. Ensure your clients’ information is current. Review the information you have stored for your client and make sure the contact information is up-to-date. Also note any other changes, such as a marriage, children, personal or professional designations, etc. This will help you avoid any embarrassing mistakes and also allow you to serve their needs better.

2. Reassess your relationships. One of the basics of working by referral is acknowledging and appreciating the referrals you’re sent. Periodically review the ratings you’ve given your clients, assigning a new letter rating is appropriate.

A+ clients are the people who have sent you multiple referrals.
A clients are people who have sent you a referral in the past or are most likely to refer you.
B clients are people who would refer you, if asked and shown how.
C clients are people might refer you in the future.
O clients are online contacts to be moved up to a C or down to D.
D clients are the people who you don’t wish to market your services to.

3. Help you prioritize your day and focus your energy. You’ll get more done when you know what your priorities are. Refreshing and sorting your database helps you focus your time and energy. You’ll know who you should spend most of your time with for the most effective results.

Referral Maker CRM makes it fun and easy to manage your relationships with your clients. Visit for more information.

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