Reconnect with Your Why

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Do you know what your purpose is? Many of us struggle with feelings of frustration because we haven’t found our ‘why’. Our ‘why’ or purpose is the reason we work as hard as we do each day. Not sure what yours is? Here are some tips to find it:
Why did you get into real estate? Is it to be your own boss or to have a more flexible schedule? Did you want to make enough money to live well, provide luxuries for your loved ones and/or retire early? Whatever your reason, it can shed light on your purpose.

What drives you? When do you feel the happiest? Think about what you’re inspired by. Do you feel compelled to help others? Do you want to leave a legacy in your community?

What is the life you want to live? We all dream about the life we wish we were living. Take a few minutes to think about what you want your life to look like in the New Year and beyond. Write down what you see and each detail. This can also provide insight into your purpose.

Take all of this information and analyze what it’s trying to tell you. Then, use this information when you’re creating your goals for next year. Use Referral Maker® CRM to help you create your goals and track your progress toward reaching them.

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