Reconnect With Your Clients Through Personal Notes

Got 5 minutes? Reconnect with your clients with a personal note.

Got 5 minutes? Reconnect with your clients with a personal note.

It happens to the best of us—we lose touch with a client or two after the transaction has closed. We didn’t mean for it to happen; we just got busy, stopped communicating with them and the relationship fell by the wayside. Can you ever get that relationship back? Of course you can, silly! And a hand-written personal note is one of the best ways to get that relationship back.

Why a personal note?
In this highly digital age, most of us don’t receive personal mail anymore. Sure, that bill or circular is addressed to us, but it doesn’t convey a personal message. A hand-written note shows that you care. It shows that you took five minutes out of your day to extend a greeting and a meaningful sentiment to the recipient. It’s a perfect option for those clients with whom you were once close but have lost touch with for one reason or another.

Did you know…? Referral Maker® real estate CRM includes a typed letter to help you rekindle your relationships with clients who you haven’t contacted recently. Personalize it as you wish, and send it to your clients with whom you’d like to reestablish a connection.

What should I say?
Be honest and heartfelt. A handwritten note conveys more meaning than anything else. If you’re having trouble thinking of just the right thing to say, lean into the dialogues in Referral Maker for inspiration.

For best results…
Often a personal note is written as a follow up to a phone call. If you feel comfortable, call the client first to establish communication and then follow the call up with a personal note. If you leave a message on their voicemail, start your note off by writing, “Sorry I missed you the other day…” This shows that you’re committed to rebuilding the relationship.

It’s never too late to rebuild relationships with your clients. Referral Maker CRM can help you maintain communication with your clients so that you never lose touch with them again. Visit Referral Maker for more information and to start your 30-day free trial.

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