Recommit to Working by Referral

New improvements to Referral Maker CRM

It happens to many agents in their career. In the beginning, they’re all in and dedicated to the referral system. However, over time, they may veer off track. Suddenly, they’re not generating the leads they used to and they find it difficult to get back on track. Whether you’ve fallen off or you’d just like to ensure you meet all of your goals for the year, recommitting to the work by referral system will allow you to put your best professional foot forward.

You’ll optimize your time. When you don’t have a system, you may feel pulled in many directions, especially when urgent situations arise during the day. Instead of struggling to complete your to-do lists or wondering where to start, a system gives you a guideline to follow. You’ll always know where to focus your time, energy and attention, becoming more productive in the process.

You’ll know who to focus on in your database. Your relationships are at the center of the work by referral system. By sorting your database, you’ll have the opportunity to focus your attention on the clients that drive your business, particularly those who have sent you multiple referrals or are most likely to refer you. When you stick with the referral system, you’ll always spend time with the right people.

Focus your resources on what matters most. A system helps you always know what to do and how to spend your time, money and energy. This allows you to block distractions and focus on what really matters to you and your business.
Recommit to the Work by Referral System this year. Referral Maker CRM is designed to help you stick with the system and work smarter. Set your goals for your business and let Referral Maker CRM do the rest. Visit for more information.

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