Recharge Now to Improve Your Business

Recharge your internal battery with a bike ride.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel drained? You may not be sneezing and feverish, but perhaps you just feel off? You may have drained your battery—your internal battery, that is. When we work, work, work without a break, it can have damaging effects on our health and energy, even if we feel that we’re being productive. It’s impossible to offer your clients your best service and grow your business if you’re burned out. If your energy has reached new lows, it may be best for your health and your business to take some time to recharge your internal battery. Here are 6 ways to recharge:

1. Take a break. While you may feel so busy that you’re compelled to keep going, it’s actually better for you to take time off to relax and give your mind a rest. Take a few short breaks throughout your day to help you maintain your focus and energy, and be sure to take at least one day off every week.

2. Get perspective. When there are several fires burning, it can be difficult to separate the “important” from the “urgent.” In reality, not everything is a big deal. Focus on what really needs to get done and either delegate the rest or deal with it another day.

3. Laugh. When you’re feeling frazzled, listen to your favorite comedienne or call up your funniest friend for a good chuckle.

4. Run, or walk, it out. Exercise is one of the best stress relievers around. Take a walk, ride your bike or take a midday fitness class to work out the stress and refocus your mind.

5. Get positive. Go to lunch or have coffee with a positive friend, colleague or mentor. Being around positive people can boost your outlook and improve your mood.

6. Eat good food. Food is fuel for your body, so be sure you’re filling it with the good stuff—whole foods, fruit, veggies and water.

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