The Pro’s Guide to Earning

A pros guide to learning

Many agents got into real estate to be their own bosses. While they have the freedom to make their own hours, they’re also free of a steady paycheck. For many new agents, this can be tough to get used to, especially if they don’t have the financial habits in place to help them not only create steady income, but also make their earnings last. Earn like a pro with these tips:

1. Track your expenses. Getting a handle on spending is one of the most important things a small business owner can do. When you know how much you’re spending, you can create a workable budget for your business and personal finances.

2. Invest in your business. Money is the fuel that allows your business to operate; make sure the tank doesn’t dry up by investing in your business.

3. Give yourself a salary. Keep the pressure up so you can ensure you’ll meet your payroll. The goal is to get three checks ahead so you can still make payroll during the times of year when business is slow.

4. Set goals. Goals are essential to success. Make sure they’re measurable and always track your progress toward reaching them.

5. Invest in your development. It’s by growing your skills that you can grow your business. Set aside 10 percent of your income to improving your skills with seminars and courses.
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