Prioritize Your Day—A Business Inspirational Tip from Brian Buffini

Prioritize your day by prioritizing your people first.

Prioritize your day by prioritizing your people first.

Are you productive or just busy? The key to productivity and time management lies with your relationships. In this snippet from Brian Buffini’s Success Tour, Brian reveals the secret to prioritizing your day.

When you work by referral, your relationships are the foundation for your business. Generating leads entails leaning into those relationships and asking for referrals. Explain how you work to your best clients and ask them to refer you to people of comparable quality to themselves. The people who refer you, or are likely to refer you, are the ones that help to drive your business; that’s why you make them a priority.

“I prioritize my people so I can prioritize activities so I can prioritize my time.” –Brian Buffini

However, other people in your life are important to you as well. Your spouse, children, family and friends are the people who are there for you no matter what. When you plan your schedule for the year, month, week or day, prioritize your relationships to prioritize your activities and this will help you prioritize your time. It’s the only way to get the most out of your day.

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