Planning a Holiday Client Party? Use RMCRM to Help you Plan it!

3 Ways to Promote Your Business During the Holiday Season

Planning a holiday party? Holiday parties are a great way to connect with a large share of your clients at one time. It allows you to chat with each one, thank them for their business and referrals and remind them you’re never too busy for more. Since the holidays are right around the corner, now is the time to start planning, especially if you plan on hosting it at a restaurant or other venue. Often, venues begin to fill up. There may be a lot you need to get done between now and the start of the party; luckily, Referral Maker CRM has your back and will help you keep it all straight.

The Business Mixer Template gives you all the tasks you need to do to plan a great party. Go to the Marketing tab and click on the Business Mixer Template to create a new campaign. Create a title, description and date of the event and follow each task that’s on the list.

Stick to the list. The template will give you all the tasks you need to complete to plan the party. Check them off as you complete them.

Make your guest list and invite your best folks. Use paper invitations or create an event on Facebook. The latter allows you to send reminders and get people excited about the party beforehand. Send these as soon as you nail down a date and location; people’s calendars fill up quickly during the holiday season.

Don’t forget to send out a reminder! The season is so busy that it’s easy for your clients to forget what they’ve committed to. Send out a reminder a week or two in advance to help ensure they attend.
When it’s time for the event, remember to socialize with everyone and have fun. Often we become so wrapped up in the planning of the event that we fixate on the things that may go wrong. Instead, focus on the positive and meet and greet your guests. Then, after the event, send a personal note of thanks. Thank your guests for attending and remind them you’re never too busy for their referrals.

Visit for more information about how the CRM can help you plan your next client party.


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