Personal Notes: 5 Ways to Show Gratitude and Reap Referrals

A personal note is a great way to say “Thanks.”

Holidays and birthdays aren’t the only times to send a personal note. Wouldn’t receiving a note out of the blue put a smile on your face and boost your mood for the day, especially if it was to thank you for doing something great? A hand-written personal note can have a significant impact on your business, one that can lead to more referrals.

Send a personal note…

As a thank you for a referral. Acknowledge the referrals that are sent your way from clients, businesses and people you know. Their referrals help to keep your business on track. By sending them hand-written notes, you may encourage them to continue to send referrals your way.

As a thank you for excellent service. Have you received excellent service from a vendor you work with or from a business you frequent? Send a personal note to recognize their effort in surpassing your expectations for excellent service. By acknowledging them, you have the opportunity to deepen your relationship, making them more likely to refer you to their customers.

During a transaction to the clients you’re currently working with, from the initial listing presentation to the closing. Always remind the clients that you’re working with that it’s an honor to serve them and you’re thankful for their business.

At the end of a transaction, to agents or vendors you worked with during the sale. It’s important to acknowledge the efforts of other professionals involved in the sales transaction, from the lender who helped secure financing to the plumber who installed new pipes to the other agent involved in the transaction. In addition to growing your business directory, acknowledging the work of other professionals will make them likely to refer you to their customers and networks.

While it only takes two minutes to write a personal note, its impact will last much longer.

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