Perfect Summer Pop-Bys

Protect your clients and pop by with sunscreen.

Protect your clients and pop by with sunscreen.

Pop-Bys are a great way to touch base with your clients while expressing your appreciation for them. Surprise them with one of these seasonal items, and show that you care.

Cleaning supplies. Whether your clients are moving or cleaning house, cleaning supplies like sponges are always in demand.

Flags. The summer features several patriotic holidays, including Flag Day in June, the 4th of July and Canada Day in July. A flag or other patriotic item helps to celebrate the day.

Sunscreen or bug spray. Keep sunburn and pests at bay with these summertime essentials.

Beach or lawn toys. Encourage your clients to get outside and play. Beach toys, such as buckets and pails, Frisbees, hula hoops, etc. are inexpensive and fun.

An ice cream scoop. Ice cream and frozen yogurt are popular treats in the summer. If you know your clients will be home, you could also bring ice cream to them. Just be sure to text them first to find out their favorite flavor.

Barbeque condiments. The summer is also the most popular time to barbeque. Make sure your clients don’t run out of ketchup, relish or mustard by dropping by with these items.
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