Now’s the Time to Talk to Your Clients about the Local Market

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In many areas, spring is when the real estate market really heats up. People who were only thinking of buying a few months ago are beginning to actively look for homes. They may search on the internet or they may hop in their vehicles and look for homes in the neighborhoods in which they’d like to live. Similarly, people who had been thinking of selling are starting to clean their homes, make repairs and do other things to make their homes stand out when they list it. Regardless of what stage your clients are in, now is a great time to talk to your clients about the market.
Connect with current and potential buyers and sellers. Connect with them to give them the scoop on the local market and what it means to their home search and/or listing experience. The more informed they are about the market, the more empowered they’ll feel and the better choices they’ll make.
Explain the process and set expectations for the market. Misunderstandings often stem from miscommunication and confusion over expectations. By discussing the process with your clients, and answering all of their questions, you can manage expectations and you’ll be able to avoid frustration and communication blunders.
For potential buyers, explain the benefits of homeownership. In many markets, this is a great time to buy. However, you may have potential buyers who are on the fence about the process. Talk to them about their thoughts and concerns and explain all the great benefits of homeownership.
For sellers, discuss how to get their home ready to list. Most buyers want homes that are move-in ready. Help your sellers make their home move-in ready and/or more attractive to buyers by offering tips for potential renovations and repairs as well as home staging strategies.
For homeowners, discuss ways to boost value, improve curb appeal, etc. For your clients who wish to stay put this year, discuss tips to help them improve their home’s value, make it more comfortable and fit their growing needs.

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