Now is the Time to Sow the Seeds for More Referrals

Sow the seeds for more referrals


If you want to start 2017 on a high note, it’s essential to generate leads now. While many agents begin to wind down their businesses as many markets slow down heading into the winter months, the most successful agents continue to generate leads from now until the end of the year. That’s not to say they keep their noses to the grindstone and work all the time. Instead, they do what they do best—offer their clients the highest level of service…and ask for referrals.

Kick your service up a notch or two and follow these smart tips. Think of each of these activities as a seed you’re planting to stay at the top of your clients’ minds. While they may not lead to an instant referral, they’re sure generate leads over the coming months.
• Write personal notes. Let your clients know you’re thinking of them and thank them for their business and referrals by writing them personal notes. Now, you could power through fifty notes in a day, or you could write a few every day from now until the end of the year. Don’t worry, Referral Maker CRM will let you know who to write to and when to send it.

• Pick up the phone. Whether you’re checking in to make sure they received their marketing flyer or you’re following up after running into them at the grocery store, a brief phone call is a smart way to show you care and answer any questions they have.

• Listen. There’s a difference between listening and hearing. Many of us hear people talking but we’re so busy thinking of what we’re going to say that we don’t listen to what’s being said. Clients want to be heard, especially when they’re in the middle of a transaction that may not be going as planned. Actively listen to what your clients are saying, be present, look for non-verbal clues and reaffirm what they’ve said. They’ll appreciate you’re paying attention and will feel you understand. Taking this extra step will allay their fears and trust you more.

• Be of use. Oftentimes, clients will mention a need without asking you to help. They may mention they’re thinking of adding on to their home or are looking for a new landscaper. Offer to help without being asked by connecting them with someone in your network. Remember, you’re the hub of your network with the ability to connect your clients to great businesses you trust.

• Go the extra mile. We call them the “unexpected extras,” those little things that show your clients you care. Drop by with their favorite beverage, give them a book on a topic they’re interested in or have their favorite treat in the office when they come in to sign paperwork. These small gestures show you care and will make them feel special.

Referral Maker® CRM makes it easy to offer your clients great service. It was designed by real estate professionals to make it easier to work by referral. Not only does it help you keep track of your clients’ information, it also helps you stay in touch, keep on top of your business, and meet the goals you set for your business and personal life. Visit for more information.

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