New to Real Estate? Here Are 5 Tips for Success


If you’re like many agents who are new to real estate, you’re probably full of enthusiasm and eager to help buyers and sellers navigate the real estate process. As with any new career, you’ll likely work through a few growing pains before you reach your stride as an agent. If you want to improve your chances for becoming a successful agent, the following tips will put you on the right path.

Get a mentor. When you first start in a profession, it’s important to find someone who’s willing to show you the ropes. Even though you’re bursting with enthusiasm, it’s tough to know where to start. A mentor can offer tips and suggestions to help you succeed and keep you on track to reach your goals. Take your time in finding the right mentor, though—you want to be sure that your personalities mesh and that the way they work complements your ideals and goals.

Enhance your listening skills. Listening is one of the most important ways to serve your clients. By listening twice as much as you speak you can find needs to fill, find out what they’re looking for in a home, learn more about their expectations in selling a home and listen for ways to connect them with your network of professionals. Plus, they’ll be impressed that you understand them, which will help build the foundation for a lasting relationship.

Create a spending plan. Real estate is cyclical. When the market is good, you’ll have more business—and money—than you’ll know what to do with. When the market is less than stellar, you’ll wish you had saved more money when things were going well. A spending plan will help you keep more of what you earn so that you’re not subsisting on ramen noodles and soup when times are lean. Referral Maker real estate CRM makes it easy to track your expenses so that you always know where you stand. Visit Referral Maker to learn more and to start your 30-day free trial.

Find your why. At the beginning of your real estate career, motivation will come out of your pores. After a while, it’s natural for motivation to dip and you need something to keep you going. Knowing your why—that is, knowing why you get up in the morning and call your database, write personal notes, deliver Pop-Bys, send monthly real estate marketing flyers, etc.—will help you get through those days when it seems like everything is going wrong. Whether your why is saving for a family vacation or to retire early, your why will keep you motivated when you need it the most.

Never stop learning. The most successful people understand that learning is a never-ending process. Real estate is always changing. Regardless of how much experience you rack up in the industry, there’s always room for more knowledge and more opportunities to sharpen your skills. Invest in yourself—go to real estate events, read books, take classes, etc. Whatever you do, always look for opportunities to learn.

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