All-New Enhancements to Referral Maker CRM!

New improvements to Referral Maker CRM

When you login to Referral Maker CRM, you may notice something’s different. What is it? We’ve just unrolled a new round of enhancements to improve your experience and make you even more productive and efficient!

What’s new?

Add client photos and add them to your Marketing Campaign

Add client photos and add them to your Marketing Campaign

Add a photo to your relationship’s profile. Simply upload a photo of your relationship to complete their profile. This feature comes in handy when you have a meeting with a relatively new client and you want to remind yourself what they look like.

Add a recipient to a campaign, even after the campaign has been created. Now you can add people to your existing campaigns. Select the option from the relationship profile page after you’ve created the campaign.

Find a relationship quickly. You can now sort your relationship rolodex and jump to a list of your relationships by the first letter of their first or last name.

Resize images automatically. Trying to upload a large image? Referral Maker will automatically resize large images to 1000 x 1000.








ToDos Update

Enjoy a cleaner To-Do list. We’ve cleaned up the interface and added a filtering feature for Today, the Week (Next 7 days), the Month (Next 30 Days) and Past Due (90 days).






See address errors in Client Direct. We’ve updated the interface to highlight address errors so you can fix them quickly. It also includes the number of deliverable recipients.



What’s been fixed?
We heard there were alignment issues when users printed labels. So, while we had the hood up, adding enhancements, we fixed the issue. Now, printing labels will be a stress-free experience!

We’re always working on ways to make your Referral Maker CRM experience even better! Visit to learn more.

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