More Spring Pop-By Ideas

Sunscreen makes an excellent Pop-By gift.

Sunscreen makes an excellent Pop-By gift.

What better way to show your clients you appreciate their business and referrals than by surprising them with a small Pop-By gift? These small, inexpensive gifts give you a reason to connect with your clients and deepen your relationships with them. As we head into summer, here are a few ideas to surprise your clients and surpass their expectations.

Flowers for mother’s day—Surprise the mothers in your database with a bouquet of flowers or a plant. They’ll appreciate it and the flowers will be a cheery addition to their homes.

BBQ tools—Memorial Day kicks off the grilling season. Give your clients grilling tongs and spatulas, oven mitts or a bottle of your favorite grilling sauce.

Beach toys—Got clients with children? Drop off a bucket and shovel or other beach toys for the kids to enjoy the next time they hit the beach or lake.

Moving supplies—Have clients who are moving? Drop by with a roll of packing tape (with your brand on it, naturally), boxes and bubble wrap to help your clients pack and get moving.

Sweet treats—Sometimes sweet surprises, such as flavored or candied popcorn, pies or donuts really hit the spot…the sweet spot, that is. Surprise your clients with a favorite sweet treat. Just be sure to check they’re home to receive their surprise.

Did you know that Referral Maker® Mobile can make delivering your Pop-Bys more efficient? Choose the recipients and plan your route all from your smartphone. If they’re not home, take a photo and text them to let them know to look for it when they get home. Be sure to update your activities afterward to help you win the day and win your week. Visit to find out how to get Referral Maker Mobile for your smartphone.

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