Money is Fuel for Your Dreams—A Business Inspirational Tip from Brian Buffini

Are you on the path to financial freedom?

Are you on the path to financial freedom?

Many of us have the goal of achieving financial freedom—that is, having enough money to eliminate debt and live a comfortable life. In this snippet from the real estate event, MasterMind Summit 2013, Brian Buffini provides a unique way to view money.

“Money is what fuels purpose. Money is what fuels the good life. Money is what fuels your dreams.” -Brian Buffini Click to Tweet

If you have dreams, you need money to fuel them. Many real estate professionals work hard in the pursuit of success and feel guilty when their achievement begins to pay off. They feel guilty that they have more than others or feel embarrassed about being successful.

Instead of thinking of money as something to be demonized, think of it as fuel. The more money you have, the better able you are to live debt free, enjoy a vacation and take care of your loved ones. Money is the financial fuel that allows you to live your dreams.

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