Maximize the Impact of Your Monthly Marketing Kit

The Monthly Marketing Kit provides plenty of opportunities to connect with your clients.

If you’re a Buffini & Company Member, every month a box of opportunity arrives in your mailbox. The Lead Generation Kit includes the month’s marketing flyer, personal notes, “Oh, by the way…” stickers and monthly conference call CD. Each of these elements provides you with an opportunity to serve your clients better and deepen your most important relationships.

Maximize Your Monthly Marketing Flyer
Before you send your Marketing Flyer to your clients, print the month’s corresponding letter from Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software. Referral Maker makes it easy to customize your letter, do a mail merge of your database, and print labels or the envelopes themselves.

If you want to go the extra mile for your favorite A+ clients, handwrite a personal message on the letters once they’ve printed. This will help your letter stand out and show that you took an extra few minutes to think of them.

Make an Impact with a Personal Note
A personal note provides a great opportunity to ‘touch’ your clients. Write a note after you speak to them in person or on the phone. Take a minute or two to thank them for the conversation and reiterate that you enjoy being their trusted real estate advisor. It’s amazing how a seemingly small gesture can have a huge impact!

Boost Your Motivation with the Monthly Conference Call CD
Enjoy Brian Buffini’s monthly member conference call whenever you want! Learn from the pros each month and listen to the content in your car or on your MP3 player. And, if you have a smartphone, scan the QR code on the label of the CD to watch the webinar.

With Referral Maker CRM you’ll always know who to send your Monthly Marketing Materials to, and can keep track of when to send them. Each month, reminders to prepare your Monthly Mailing and to send your eReport will appear on the To-Do list on your Dashboard. It also tells you who to call, write a note to or deliver a Pop-By to. Try it out: For a 30-day free trial, visit the Referral Maker website.


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