Make Your Team More Productive

make team more productive

How productive is your team? Sure, they may look busy, but do you know how much they’re getting done each day? There’s a difference between being busy and being productive. Many of us are ‘busy’—that is, we work tirelessly from the moment we get into the office. However, we may be so busy trying to put out fires that we don’t get around to doing the activities that drive our business. When you’re productive, you complete your priorities for the day and don’t get sidetracked by the unexpected issues that arise. So, is your team productive or just busy? Here’s how to find out.
Track their activities. One of the simplest ways to see what your team is doing is to track their activities. How many calls are they making each day? How often are they doing Pop-Bys? Are they meeting their goals for the week? How many transactions do they have in the pipeline? Referral Maker® CRM for Teams makes it easy to track your team’s activities using various reports, including the Activity Report and Transaction Report.

Praise your top performers. People love to be acknowledged for their hard work and your team is no different. Call attention to your top performers to encourage them to continue to achieve and motivate others on your team to achieve the same levels of success.

Mentor your agents who need improvement. Do you have a few people on your team who need a bit of motivation? Referral Maker CRM for Teams allows you to pinpoint these individuals so you can mentor  them and motivate them to succeed. Perhaps they need more training to improve their skills or maybe it’s a matter of motivation. Whatever it is, you’ll be able to help these agents thrive.

Make sure your agents are working with the right people. Referral Maker CRM for Teams allows you to make sure your agents are working with the right clients at the right point in their transaction. The best part is you can reassign contacts to fit the personalities, strengths and needs of team members and clients alike.

Ensure your marketing is consistent. When you’re building a business, branding is a critical element. Don’t leave your marketing to your agents if you want consistent messaging and communication. Referral Maker CRM for Teams allows you create consistent marketing messages so your agents can do what they do best—serve their clients.
We launched Referral Maker CRM for Teams last year to help brokers optimize their teams’ productivity and help them lead successful businesses. Visit to learn more and start using Referral Maker CRM today.




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