Make Your Presentations Pop with These Programs

Today’s design-driven presentation programs turn basic statistics in to visually stunning slides.

Many agents prepare their listing presentations using PowerPoint, which has been the industry standard for a while. Well, move over Microsoft, there are some new programs vying for presentation domination. Although PowerPoint was once the big cheese, other presentation programs have popped up that offer tons of features for an optimal presentation experience. Here are a few of most popular presentation programs out there:

Haiku Deck is an image and design-focused presentation software meant to put your ideas and statistics into the best light. In addition to importing your own photos, you can purchase Getty Images as well. You can also upload graphs, statistics and anything else you want to your presentation. Haiku Deck is free; however, some premium features cost a fee.

Sliderocket allows you to import presentations from PowerPoint and Google and use professional design tools to take them to the next level. It integrates with Web resources, including Flickr and YouTube, so that you can easily incorporate multimedia into your presentation. Additionally, Sliderocket creates a URL for your presentation so that you can share it with others.

Prezi offers a unique presentation option for people bored of the slide-deck format. Instead of slides on a screen, the statistics, photos and other items that would be placed on a slide are placed within a larger image. Throughout the presentation, the focus zooms in and out of each component of the presentation. Prezi allows you to start with a template or from scratch and customize your presentation as you wish. The basic program is free, but subscription licenses are available.

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