3 Tips to Generate More Leads


Although you may consider yourself a very social person, there may be times when picking up the phone to call your clients may make you a bit anxious. Even the most seasoned agents suffer a bit of nerves when calling clients, especially new referrals. Why? The fear of rejection! However, when you work by referral, your leads are warm; they want to hear from you! Additionally, calling your clients isn’t like a transactional agent cold calling, hunting for the next lead. Since you already have a relationship with your clients, calling them is an exercise in checking in with them. Here are three tips to make your calls more effective:

1. Call with intention. Whether it’s just to check in or to ensure they got your monthly flyer, be sure to have a reason. It’ll make the whole call much easier. Most people will look at their Caller ID to see who is calling them. If they pick up, it’s because they know you and want to chat. If they don’t pick up, leave a voicemail or follow up with a text. if you’re not sure who to call or when, check your Referral Maker CRM Dashboard, which will give you a list based on how you sorted your database.

2. Listen for a need. Part of great service is providing value, and to do that, you need to listen for a need. Although your clients may ask you directly for a referral to a carpenter, plumber or electrician, more than likely, they’ll mention they’re thinking of renovating the deck, updating the electrical system or putting in a new bathroom. It’s up to you to listen for that need and find a way to fill it, whether it’s a referral to a professional in your network or a to-do list to help them prepare. What if you hear a need that isn’t real estate-related, such as a recommendation for a nice restaurant or a babysitter? If you can offer a referral, try to do so.

3. Ask for a referral. Always remember to remind them you’re never too busy for their referrals. Even if you’re super busy, you’re never too busy for them and the people they refer to you. This will put you at the top of their mind so they’ll be more likely to refer you.

Referral Maker CRM can help you make your calls a bit easier. Refer to the dialogues to help you get the conversation started. Visit ReferralMaker.com for more information.

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