Looking for a Weekend Project? Break out the Paint Brushes.

A touch of paint can do wonders to freshen up your home.

A touch of paint can do wonders to freshen up your home.

What a difference a can (or several) of paint can make to the look and feel of a home! Painting the exterior of the home boosts curb appeal while protecting its trim and siding from the weather. Painting the interior of the home is a great way revamp a space and put a personal stamp on it. Although many people hire professional painters to get the job done, others prefer to do it themselves. Before your clients hop in the car to purchase supplies from the local hardware store, here’s a list of tips to help them make their painting projects easy and fun.

1. Plan. All renovations, no matter how minor, start with a plan.

  • Time it right. While you may be able to tackle a room or two over a weekend, painting the exterior of your home may take more planning. Take advantage of summer’s long, sunny days and plan to paint before the fall.
  • Ask the important questions. Why are you painting? Is it for maintenance or are you preparing your home for sale or are you trying to put your own personal stamp on your new home?
  • Pick a color, any color. Color can have a big impact on a space. On the interior, paint can make a room appear larger, brighter or homier. On the exterior, paint can polish a home’s appearance and boost curb appeal. Take your time to find the right color or color palette for your home and needs. (If you want to paint your room or home the same color, take a chip of paint with you to the store to match it. Although you may be able to luck out and find the same exact shade as last time, you may have to settle for close enough.)
  • Look for ways to save money. If you plan your painting project ahead of time, you have time to look for sales on paint, brushes and other painting tools.

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2. Prep. Although it may be time-consuming, prepping your walls and siding for paint can save a lot of headaches later on.

  • Inside: Washing the walls and filling holes will give you a clean slate to paint on. Also, remember to remove the trim and skirting around the room as well as any curtain pullbacks and rods and light switch plates.
  • Outside: Use this as an opportunity to inspect the siding of your house. Look for any peeling or water damage. If you notice any serious damage, take the time to fix it or call a professional for more extensive jobs.

3. Paint. Now it’s the fun part!

  • Gather your supplies. Get out the cans of primer, paint, brushes or rollers, stirrer, roller tray and liner, painter’s tape and drop cloths.
  • Tape around the doors and put out the drop cloth. Prevent any damage to your trim or floors by covering them up.
  • Do a second coat. Dramatic changes may require more than one coat of paint.

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