Kick Your 4th Quarter into Overdrive

The final quarter of 2018 has begun. You have the opportunity to do the one thing that’ll set you apart from your competition: Start 2019 with a full pipeline of leads. How? By ramping up your lead generation!

Many agents slow down at this time of year. They may think that if they’ve met or nearly reached their goals, they’re done. They coast through the fourth quarter, through the holidays and into the New Year. They’ll start the first quarter back at square one as they try to generate new leads and recommit to good business habits. What a pain!

This autumn is the perfect time to reconnect with your clients, thank them for their business and, of course, ask for referrals. Just as you sow many bulbs in the fall so you can enjoy spring flowers when the snow melts, now is the time to sow the seeds of referrals so you can enjoy a bustling, blooming business in the New Year.

3 Ways to reconnect with clients (and how Referral Maker CRM can help)
1. Hop in the car and deliver Pop-Bys. Show your clients some love and surprise them with a small, thoughtful gift to say “thanks” for their business and referrals. This is not the time to be chained to your desk; get out, enjoy the crisp fall air and get face-to-face with your clients. If you’re delivering something perishable, call first to ensure they’ll be home. Download the Referral Maker app to help you plan your route to make the activity even more efficient.

2. Plan a reverse Pop-By. Have your clients come to you and pick up a special surprise or treat, like pie. To get an accurate count of how many pies you need, send an email or text beforehand with two or three pie options. Then, head to Costco or your local bakery to arrange to pick up the pies on a certain date. Invite your clients over to pick up their pie and set out refreshments and drinks. It’s a delicious way to serve your clients!

3. Plan a holiday client party. Many agents tap into the spirit of the holiday season to host a client appreciate party. Parties, regardless of the size, take planning so use the Business Mixer planning tool located in Referral Maker CRM. That way, you won’t forget a thing!

Not using Referral Maker CRM? What are you waiting for? Visit for more information and to get started.

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