Jump Start Your Lead Generation

Lead generation

The first quarter is the ideal time to generate a large share of your leads for the year. Why? Your motivation is high, your clients are starting to think about getting involved in the housing market and you’re still feeling social from the holidays. When you work by referral, generating leads is a social process which puts you in contact with your favorite clients. Here are a few tips to help you optimize the process this quarter.

1. Commit to working by referral. It seems so simple, but many agents don’t adhere to a system, much less working by referral. When you become a referral-based agent or broker, lead generation entails building relationships with your clients and asking for referrals, as opposed to adhering to a traditional system where you rely on cold leads and door-knocking. Build your relationships by making calls, writing personal notes and delivering Pop-Bys to your clients.
2. Boost your productivity by time blocking your day. Time-blocking allows you to focus on the task at hand instead of succumbing to distractions. You’ll time block the tasks that are your top priorities—like lead generation—so you can be sure you get it done. No more saying, “I’m too busy to make calls;” time-blocking helps you get it all done.
3. Start with your favorite clients. If you’re nervous about picking up the phone to call your clients or drop by their homes, start with your favorite ones. They’ll give you the confidence to continue and connect with the rest of your clients.

Referral Maker® CRM makes it easy to complete your lead generating activities every day. Instead of wondering what to do, who to call and what to say, just login to Referral Maker and your dashboard will give you the low-down on the activities to complete for the day. Are you using Referral Maker? If not, click here to learn more and sign up today!

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