It’s Pop-By Season! Get More Out of Your Pop-Bys

It's pop-by season. get more out of your pop-bys

Need a lead by the end of the day? Deliver a Pop-By! It’s no secret that getting face-to-face with your clients is the best way to connect with them and thank them for their referrals. It’s also a great way to stay top of mind and get the leads you need to start 2017 right. The final three months of the year feature several major holidays that make it the perfect time to socialize with your clients.

Whether you’re a Pop-By pro or a bit on the shy side, here’s how to get face-to-face with your clients.
1. Start with your favorite clients. Everything is easier when you start with people you truly enjoy talking to. Who are your favorite clients? Who do you look forward to seeing? Start with them and go from there. You’ll leave their house with a smile on your face and ready to visit the next client.
2. Call ahead. If you’re delivering something perishable, call ahead to let your clients know you’ll be stopping by with a treat. If the item is nonperishable and your clients aren’t home, take a photo of the item on their doorstep and text it to your clients so they know to look for it when they get home.
3. Keep it brief. It’s a Pop-By, not a stay-over-for-a-while-until-they’re-forced-to-invite-you-to-stay-for-dinner. The visit should be kept to 15 minutes, at the most. While many of your clients will insist that you have a seat, stay standing the whole time to help you get on your way when it’s time to leave.
4. It’s the thought that counts. Many agents, especially new agents, fret about what to give their clients. It’s tempting to spend a lot on gift. However, it’s the thought that counts. Your clients will be happy that you appreciate them enough to stop by. Give something small and useful; don’t worry about the price.

Did you know the Referral Maker® CRM app can make delivering Pop-Bys even easier? Type in an address (perhaps the address of your first stop—a favorite client) and Referral Maker will pinpoint clients who live nearby on the map. You’ll be able to visit more clients and make your Pop-By time more efficient and effective. Visit to learn more.

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