It’s Not Too Late! Generate More Leads This Fall

Want to generate a few leads? Host a client party!

Want to generate a few leads? Host a client party!

Did you know that the autumn is one of the best times to generate leads for your business? While check-in phone calls are important to stay on the tops of your clients’ minds, things like personal notes, client parties and Pop-Bys help you to express your appreciation for your clients while generating a stream of reliable leads. Here are three ways to take advantage of the season, connect with your clients and generate leads.

Write a personal note to say “Thanks!” Personal notes not only show your clients that you’re thinking of them, they also make them feel special. While you don’t need an occasion to send one, the Thanksgiving holiday offers a great opportunity to do so. Write notes to your favorite clients letting them know how thankful you are for their business and referrals.

Deliver a Pop-By to your favorite clients. The autumn is also an ideal time to deliver seasonal Pop-By gifts. Bring pumpkins or carving kits, fresh-off-the-tree apples or favorite hot beverages to your favorite clients. Or, do a reverse Pop-By: Order pies for Thanksgiving and have your clients Pop-By to you to pick up their pies. Small, thoughtful gifts show your clients that you appreciate their business. They’ll appreciate the sentiment and will keep you on the tops of their minds.

Host a client party. Haven’t hosted a client party this year? What are you waiting for? A client party is a fun way to show your appreciation to your best clients, and allow them to meet and greet some of your other great clients. Choose a festive holiday theme—a fall hayride, apple picking or, later on, a Christmas holiday party—to make the most of the season. For that extra special touch, personally deliver your invitations to your guests as a Pop-By.

Remember, the seeds you plant now will become the transactions of next year. Make sure your 2015 is successful by putting in the work now. Referral Maker® real estate CRM can help you stay in touch with your clients, plan great client parties, track your lead generation and make Pop-Bys even more productive. Visit for more information and to start your 30-day free trial.

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