Introducing Referral Maker® CRM for Teams!

Referral Maker Teams

The wait is over! We’re excited to launch the Referral Maker® CRM Team Dashboard, available for purchase in November 18. This all-new Teams feature is designed to give you powerful insight into performance of your team every day.

Not only will you have one-click access to your sales, leads and pipeline, you’ll also see if your leads are converting, pinpoint the activities that are generating the best results for your team in real time and see areas of strength and improvement for your team.

All New Features for Teams!
Managing your business has never been easier! With the new Teams features, you’ll be able to see a real-time snapshot of your team’s overall progress or focus on the progress of each individual team member. It also allows you to see your team’s core strengths as well as areas for improvement and coaching.

Track your team’s performance:
• See the total leads in the pipeline of your team or for your individual members.
• Get real-time sales data.
• View conversion rates.

Assess your progress with all new reports:
• Activity Reports give you a glimpse into how your team is spending their time doing their proactive lead generating activities, such as calls, notes and Pop-Bys.
• Transaction Reports allow you to filter your team’s transactions by active, pending, closed and not converted opportunities.
• Lead Progress Reports offer insight into the leads that you have assigned your team.

Get connected:
• View contacts, transactions and goals for each member of your team.
• Get a list of unassigned contacts and re-assign contacts and relationships among team members.

Boost the effectiveness of your marketing:
• Quickly and easily create email and letter templates to ‘push’ to team members to improve clarity and consistency of your written communication.
Boost the success of your team and overall business with the Referral Maker for Teams. Not using Referral Maker CRM yet? What are you waiting for? Click here to sign up for Referral Maker CRM and the Teams package.

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